When Healthy Brand Builders became familiar with Mark Rampolla and Zico brand coconut water, the coconut water revolution had not yet happened. Of course, Mark, Peace Corps veteran living in El Salvador, saw and knew the hydration value of coconut water. It was his original idea to package and sell it commercially. He had the sleek logo and package design but really lacked the beverage industry knowledge to bring his idea to the level of success he thought it deserved. His many intelligent questions about production, transportation, supply, chain, distribution, selling in to retailers, brand extensions and promotional opportunities would have never had answers. Once Healthy Brand Builders became part of the Zico equation, the brand had a far higher chance of using its positioning to the greatest advantage: Nature’s Sports Drink. Healthy Brand Builders also tapped the sales and distribution and investment power of Presence Marketing, which helped propel Zico’s trajectory. With the help and guidance of Healthy Brand Builders, Zico was sold to Coca-Cola’s Venturing and Emerging Brands division in 2013. Tonkin served as the founding Board Director from the beginning and aiding in steering the Company through shark infested waters and very fast build on its way to becoming a $1B brand, so says Muhtar Kent, CEO and Chairman of The Coca Cola Company.