Paolo Cugnasca, avid outdoorsman via Italy, and successful in strategic asset allocation advisory services, has invested, along with his risk management firm, in Feronia Forests. The company, Feronia Forests, is a forest land management firm, that finds ways to nurture, improve and conserve forest land. One way, is to use the water trapped in maple trees – the water ordinarily boiled down for maple syrup. The brand created is Vertical Water, 100% pure maple water tapped from maple trees in New York State. Working alongside Paolo’s daughter, Valentina Cugnasca, who is Vertical’s Managing Director, Healthy Brand Builders has helped Vertical identify its key consumer benefits, then developed marketing and sales programs. Vertical Water is tapped fresh from maple trees, it is non-GMO verified, there are no preservatives, nothing is added, nothing is taken away. As the emerging tree water category builds and becomes attractive to consumers, Vertical Water is a leader. Currently, it’s available in over 1,400 stores nationwide. New retailers are clamoring to offer the unique Tetra Pak bottles. HBB continues to act as consigliere to the founders.