Like Nawgan, PowerOn was originally developed by Dr. Rob Paul, Board-Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist in adult brain function and professor at University of Missouri, St Louis. And like Nawgan, PowerOn contains an ingredient that provides unique brain function benefits. This unique energy beverage provides energy in a whole new way: along with caffeine, PowerOn contains ornithine, an amino acid that helps break down carbohydrates, proteins and fat resulting in the release of stored energy. Ornithine also reduces the natural ammonia in the human body, which causes fatigue, confusion, slower thinking speed and poorer memory. And, also, like Nawgan, its key ingredient is patented and manufactured by Kyowa Hakko Kirin, the Japanese pharmaceutical company. Compared to caffeine alone, PowerOn offers far greater increases in both concentration and stamina. All ingredients in PowerOn are totally natural and GRAS certified. So, while Nawgan’s brain benefits are relatively long term, PowerOn offers short term, immediate results. It is currently being marketed as “natural energy,” a refreshing, low calorie, completely natural energy drink that provides a sustainable boost for active, 24/7 lifestyles. The incredible benefits of PowerOn are becoming more and more widely understood and appreciated.