Dr. Rob Paul, Board-Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist in adult brain function and professor at University of Missouri, St. Louis, began serving a beverage to clinical patients containing the compound Cognizin® citicoline. What he discovered was quite amazing. It helped their brain function. And clinical studies found Cognizin® citicoline – patented and manufactured by Kyowa Hakko Kirin, the Japanese pharma company – does, indeed, improve attention and alertness. As a functional beverage, it was a natural. Dr. Paul developed a name from the combination of his two kids names, Logan and Dawson: Nawgan. But he had no package, no logo, no ability to create a marketable beverage. Turning to Healthy Brand Builders’ full complement of beverage professionals, we assisted with all aspects. A set of six flavors were created, and a slim 11.5-ounce can was chosen. Markets were identified and, though Nawgan’s ingredients include caffeine, the company has moved to position Nawgan as – rather than another energy beverage – but an alertness beverage. Investors include Kirin Holdings, which is the parent of Kyowa Hakko and more well-known in US for beer. Food service is a big part of Nawgan’s future base. Nawgan is growing for obvious good reasons.