Make A Stand


When 8-year-old Vivian Harr came up with an idea to help the millions of children bound into slavery every year by selling lemonade, Healthy Brand Builders could not resist. Without even doing the usual due diligence, we pledged our time, financial support and professional expertise to help bring Make A Stand successfully to market. Immediately, after offering to partner in the Make A Stand venture, we brought in a world renowned flavor and fragrance company to help develop new flavors, adding SKUs and filled out a complete line of beverages. We also brought in one of our top package design companies to create a brilliant logo and completely new package and branding design. We turned what was simply a wonderful idea, into a real business. Now, endowed with direction and experienced management, Make A Stand is beginning to make a move. The brand has begun rolling out into retail, there is initial interest from influential beverage companies to take a hard look at Make A Stand, and the trajectory can only be described as positive and strong.