The market for raw, cold pressed “plant protein” beverages has recently been growing in both volume and dollar sales. Dustin Baker, Maya French and Chris Fanucchi did not realize their wonderful formulas had competition. They created their beverage idea, KOIA, to be healthy, natural and all-plant derived with enough sweetness to make them irresistible. They contain all-organic ingredients like hemp protein, pea and rice protein, chia seeds, vanilla beans and almond butter. Each of the five SKUs offer lots of protein, yet no dairy, like whey and cheese. They have brought a powerful idea to life. At Expo West in Anaheim last March, their beverages caught our attention at Healthy Brand Builders, as well as the attention of executives at Presence Marketing. The entire team believes strongly in this beverage as a potentially powerful competitor and market leader today in its category. With the help of HBB, we will refocus the name, logo and packaging. The national sales and distribution strength of Presence Marketing will help to bring this to a wide audience already open to cold pressed protein beverages and looking for additional choices. We have the ability and planning resources to re-orient capitalization to help turn this up and coming beverage concept into an impressive business.