15 Sep 2015

After years of success, the food & beverage consulting practice aims to build well beyond its current business model

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — The 28-year-old the food & beverage consulting practice — Healthy Brand Builders — today announced the company’s re-launch, with the goal of building on its impressive past successes, taking the company well beyond its previous business model.

To that end, the company is rebranding itself with a new logo, new tagline and new website along with the creation of the new HBB Alliance, a cohesive team of highly experienced, knowledgeable professionals. The HBB Alliance members join with Healthy Brand Builders’s founder, James Tonkin, to create the industry’s most powerful consortium to help identify product concepts and engineer them into household names and valuable brands.

With the tagline, “Incubating and Accelerating Brands,” Healthy Brand Builders positions itself to become the go-to consulting firm to which startup, developing and emerging brands look for help. Indeed, Healthy Brand Builders has demonstrated success with brands, helping to build and fund them, making them attractive for the ultimate in entrepreneurial goals.

It has been made possible by the practice’s founder, Tonkin, who has who has tirelessly traveled the globe, helping companies and their products find their niches to grow, and guide them through the industry’s difficult, troubled waters to become bona fide brands.

With the consulting firm’s re-launch, the HBB Alliance of nearly 20 professionals, has been formed. The HBB Alliance, offering it’s own unique business model, extends clients a number of critical advantages. Instead of hiring a consulting company with a full staff of highly paid role players, the HBB Alliance professionals are called in only when their services are required. It is a far more economical way of acquiring the highest level of required professional expertise for companies still building their financial foundations. They only pay for services needed, when they’re needed.

The new, inviting, informative and entertaining website describes in depth Healthy Brand Builders’ many services and its huge advantages: www.HealthyBrandBuilders.com Connect with Healthy Brand Builders via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

For further information please contact jim@healthybrandbuilders.com.