Healthy Brand Builders is the
We design the architecture for brands, then engineer them into impressive properties.


With our vision, knowledge, experience and professional expertise we help identify developing food and beverage concepts. Using our "Incubation + Acceleration Process," we help establish, assist with management and build these concepts into enduring brands. Then set them free.

Who are we here for? Emerging and startup brands. We offer a full complement of services to give your products a distinct and competitive advantage.

Healthy Brand Builders is your outsourced C-Level, High Rev, Full Knowledge, Been-There-Done-That Officer Corps, carrying all the power tools and smarts necessary to achieve, conquer and build.


We build and manage teams

We create brands

We bring brands to market

Sell brands in, sell them through

Lead companies down new promising paths

Turn concept into product

Jeff Church

Jim and I are good friends… He was a trusted advisor in my former family beverage biz, so we went to him with Suja at the beginning too.  His advise, extensive rolodex and confirmation of our creation, started all the activity that put us on the path to capital, growth and ultimate success.

Austin Allan
Tio Gazpacho

Jim is a one of a kind.  He was instrumental in the fundraising process for our Series A, and as an advisor and mentor his guidance has been invaluable as I navigate the ins and outs of the natural food industry.  I'm proud to have him as a part of our team and also as a friend.

Mark Rampolla
Powerplant Venture LP

Healthy Brand Builders and Jim particularly are both allies of mine and PowerPlant Ventures…  Jim was a ‘partner’ in building Zico as founding board member, confidant and consigliere during our 10 year run.  I heartily endorse his services and the HBB Alliance and for anyone who has a dream to build a food or beverage brand.  A top-of-the-call list first thing, as his rolodex is first rate too…”

Wally Simon
Synervation Advisors

We have been aligned with Jim for seven years now and continue to learn so much while being amazed at the way he works with his client base. While we brought a bevy of beverage bandwidth into our alignment with Healthy Brand Builders, Jim's prowess for identifying worthy new beverage ideas and then helping the stakeholders move their products wider into the marketplace is uncanny. Of course, if you have even have the benefit of spending just ten minutes with Jim, you will be smitten by his love of the functional and good for you beverage space as well as his dedication to his clients. Here's hoping you get this opportunity like we did!

Bob Bloom
Director of Business Development, WILD Flavors, Inc.
Jim has been an integral part of several innovative projects with which we have been involved. He brings a vast level of knowledge about the beverage markets and a high degree of professionalism to his clients. As product developers this makes our work easier.
Jon Benninger
Jim is a true guru of the natural products and functional food/beverage world. He helps us to organize panel discussions at our SupplySide trade show and at our Focus on the Future executive conference, particularly those addressing the beverage world. If you are involved in functional beverages, waters or anything related, you will benefit from working with him.
Jim Karwowski
Publisher at BNP Media/formerly Stagnito Communications, Inc.
I have regularly been impressed with Jim’s knowledge and experience in the beverage industry. Jim is unique in that he brings energy and value to each interaction that you have with him.
Elliott Balbert
President of Balbert & Associates and Board Member Vitamin Angels
Jim’s a great guy on several levels. He is dependable, ethical and worthy of calling a friend and colleague. I highly recommend Jim for his kindness and, of course, his professional knowledge and expertise as well. All of this makes for a great ‘package’.
Matt Downey
Sr. Business Manager, Daymon Worldwide
Jim is a consummate professional with a vivid imagination and great sense of entrepreneurship. While working with Jim as a supplier to my company, he consistently demonstrated a can-do attitude and made some amazing things happen, including the design and development of a proprietary product…years ahead of its time.
John McKenna
Jim is a beverage industry veteran with connections throughout the industry. He has helped many beverage companies that I work with and has been a close associate of BevNET. I’m in contact with Jim on a monthly basis and he is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Len Monheit
President & Editor, NPIcenter
I’ve known Jim for almost 15 years and know him as an astute gauge of the market, a wonderful resource, a dynamic presenter on a wide range of topics, and as an esteemed colleague.
John Guthrie
CFO, Grafco
We retained Jim to bring a children’s drink, called “Builder Bottle”, to market. Jim brought a wealth of knowledge to us on the healthy beverage market. He put a plan in place and ultimately had secured product placement intentions from a number of retailers. Because of outside circumstances our funding was canceled but he has continued on his own time to pursue a sale or licensing of the product. Jim brings knowledge, contacts and great passion to his work and I would highly recommend him.
Thomas McKinley
CEO President, Clearwater Beverages, LLC
Over the last five years I have used Jim’s council on many occasions and I have found him to be insightful and spot on with his recommendations. Aside from his industry knowledge Jim is man of integrity and principle who creates an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. It is a pleasure to work with him.
Josh Kohnstamm
CEO President, Clearwater Beverages, LLC
You will not find a more experienced pro in the natural beverage space than Jim Tonkin. If there is one person to have in your corner during your critical stages of growth, this is the guy!
Steve Rittmanic
Senior Product Developer at Standard Functional Foods Group, Inc
Jim has a keen understanding of where the market is headed, what target markets have the most potential for growth and effective promotion, and how to get to the goal line.